Monday, 31 May 2010

"Our Toy Zoo" illustrated by G.F. Christie, featuring amazing Steiff toys.

I think this dates from circa 1910 and has some amazing toys illustrated amongst it's pages. I have illustrated all twenty-four here, but I still can't manage to get them into order. I love this book it is for sale on my website, so if you like it, click onto the link at the top right.

Here is Tige the dog.
A wonderful early jointed monkey.
I can't find this hippo, but it obviously a toy, would be great if you found a Steiff one!!
Both these cats were made by Steiff, the Halloween one in the front, but the long necked one is very rare.

You can recognise these jointed donkeys by Steiff and also Missis from the Katzenjammer Kids.

Missis and Captain from the Katzenjammer Kids.
Tige the Dog from Buster Brown.
Here is a lovely Steiff Teddy Bear.

Jointed Teddy Elephant.

Look who is in the front Steiff's Man from Mars or Humpty Dumpty.

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