Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Norah Wellings catalogue

Here is a very interest Norah Wellings catalogue, dating from the 1930s. It is a fairly large format, almost A3.

I haven't managed to get the pages in order here, I also only took one photo of the doll pages, there were a lot more. I was most interested in the soft toy and Teddy Bear items.

Look how much these look like Steiff pom-pom animals.

Norah Wellings made few bears, here is one of them, dressed in a suit. Later on you will see one which is made as a pyjama case. This is about all you see in bears. I am sure you all recognise the distinct animals with velvet trousers; these turn up fairly often.

I think this elephant or mammoth looks rather nice, not sure I have seen him before.

The monkeys are rather scary sometimes. I recently sold a very large display version, which I will blog about later. He had the most amazing intense eyes. My nieces and nephews were very scared!

These two pages are pyjama and handkerchief case, monkeys, what looks like a donkey and the bear is below.

The two long legged birds either side of the duck are interesting. I have one which has turned wood bead legs; I believe these were for hanging in a babies cot or pram.

Some dollies, I wish I had photographed the other pages now. Don't you think they look very like Lenci dolls?
This is the cover, made of fairly thick card.

I hope you liked looking through this. Sorry it's been a while since my last post. My laptop died and his has taken a while to get up and running with my new MacBook. It's all a bit strange..

More later... Daniel

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