Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Two interesting German market World War II toys

I have finally worked out how to get images in the right order on my blog, hurrah! Here are two really interesting toys that I have just bought, I have listed them on eBay, so if you would like to buy them and are reading this blog before 8pm on the 22nd June 2010, have a look.

The first one is a very interesting game to encourage new recruits to the German army. There is a label on the side of the box which says "Oh, welche Lust Soldat zu sein!" which translates to "Oh, what Joy to be a Soldier!". As you can see it is a four-fold colour printed board.
The box is plain red, which would suggest to me that it might actually made during the war, as people were more economic with supplies during these years. The game comes with die, counters and little cards.

The game comes with original instructions, sorry I haven't translated them, so I am not sure if the game is complete or how to play it.
Here are close-ups of each quarter of the game. From the initial call up to the army medical, cough now!
Being fitted out with your new uniform as a Storm Trooper.
Doing boring sentry duty.
Earning your stripes.
Perhaps being congratulated on winning the war!!!

Here is the next toy I bought from the same person, I suspect they were one child's toys. This is a constructional/puzzle toy of a battleship.

The label on the lid reads "Flotten baukasten erzeugnis der bayerischen ostmark" and translates as "Nifty Modular Product of the Eastern Bavaria". It is also marked DRGM. An ex-colleague of mine, who was much older and perhaps remembers the war years; use to say DRGM stood for Dirty Rotten German Muck!

There are plans for two German, two French, one British and one Italian vessel.
It is in nice condition, but not quite complete. It is missing a piece of the prow, the pointed front end. This is just wood which is painted grey, I think this would be fairly easy to replace.
As you can see the box is a bit tatty.

I find these both very interesting. I have also seen games called Bombing England; where you can bomb various cities of England. You obviously have the same sort of games which are about Bombing Germany..

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