Friday, 11 June 2010

Luxury 1930s Christmas Crackers

I was going to save this blog for Christmas, but I have decided to add this now for my new reader, code name EOB. She is a big fan of Christmas things, although she might think these are a bit vulgar! I love them, they are called Golden Horseshoe Floral Crackers. I presume the Golden Horseshoe is just a good luck thing, as there is no other horsey theme.
It's just amazing that a set like this survives. The colours are very 1930s, bright and gay, they would look wonderful on your Christmas table. How could the original owner have not used them. One of them has been carefully opened and look at the present. I would love to see what is in the rest of them, maybe I could get them x-rayed.
He is a little blown glass jointed charm, about 1.1/2in. high. I can't work out what he is meant to be, perhaps it's just a child in a winter outfit. There is also a rolled up hat and motto.
Here is the label on the side of the box. There is no makers name, which I find very surprising. The whole box is 28in. wide and each cracker is 10in. long.
As you can see the tubes are gold paper which matches the box lining. One end is a dark orange coloured crepe paper which I think is meant to look like a flower, this has glitter on the edges. The other end is a lighter orange skirt, with a frilled darker orange darker skirt. The carnation is hand coloured and is laid on a piece of orange net, there is also a real piece of dried fern. All is covered with a bit more glitter.
Love or hate them, they are a rare survival of a jazzier age.

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