Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Rare St Dunstans nursery chair

This is a wonderful piece, a painted wooden rabbit nursery chair. `A Collapsible Nursery Animal Furniture - Made by War-blinded Men - "Rabbits" Small Chair - Designed by Vera Moller A.R.C.A'

St. Dunstan's was founded 95 years ago to help blind ex-Service men and women and is very much still going today. For the full history have a look at their website (copy and paste this into your browser).

I am trying to find out about Vera Moller; A.R.C.A. is an Associate of the Royal Cambrian Academy. I have tried a google search and nothing come up, I have emailed the R.C.A and I am still waiting to hear, will add details if I receive them.

How great to have the original box for something like this. The stencil design of rabbits is very clever; you can tell it is designed by a true artist. I believe this was made between the two wars.

I love this type of charity toys; another company who made items like this is Lords Roberts.

Do you have any examples of similar things?

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