Monday, 23 June 2014

Rare Chiltern Baby Bruin The Bear Cub, 1926

I've just sold this rare bear cub, from one collector to another. I've seen him once before in poor condition, but this one is in excellent condition. 

He was made in 1926 by H.G. Stone for their Chiltern Range. This example is 15 inches high, but seems much bigger as he is such a chubby chap! 

His head swivels and the arms are jointed. The plush is a beige wool and has amber and black glass eyes. His hand pads are cotton cloth, his feet are card lined felt. He is designed so he stands, but the card in his feet has warped with age.

He has a lovely smiley open mouth, which is red felt and also has a red felt tongue. 

For some reason he has been designed with a very large bottom and thigh area, which is finished off with a stump of a tail.

I have found this original advertisement for him in my research for my long awaited and hardly started book on British Teddy Bears. 

It is so nice to identify an unknown bear, when you find an advert like this. I always estimate at least 50% of bears as being unidentified, so to tick one more off is great. 

Have you seen one before? Perhaps you have one with a label? This is early on in Chiltern's production, so the label would probably have been a card disc. 

More exciting finds to follow.. 


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