Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rare Steiff Skier from one of my favourite museums

Here I am trying not to blog about Steiff for a while and then I get sent this lovely picture. Steiff dolls are amongst my favourite things, this one I believe is called Schiduen or Skiduen 40, he appears on page 429 of the early grey Steiff Sortiment. Although the one I want most is the fat skier!
So I thought I must share him with you. He comes from the Norddeutsches Spielzeugmuseum (North German Toy Museum) in Soltau. There is a link to this museum on the right top of this blog. One of the best toy museums I know and they have some very special Steiff dolls.
Well worth a visit if you are ever that way.

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  1. Hi there Daniel, GREAT SITE!
    I am a huge doll and bear fan , i got a original 1915 early Volland Raggedy Ann on her way fraom the USA , in need of a bit of TLC but absoulutly cute as a button, and i just got Reinhad steiff bear as an early birthday present from my nan :-)
    He is definatley a fave !
    I just found an Antique Chiltern bear in a charity shop down here in south wales, in really good condition, around 16-17", original pads,glass eyes, almost full mohair coverage, non-working squeaker, he looks to be a 1940's one maybe??
    He was at the bottom of the soft toy basket, and you won't belive how much i paid for him ,lol, bargain of the year so far!!
    I am selling him if you go to my Blog , or go to my site there is a link there to my blog too, you will see pics of him and there is a link there to his ebay page.
    I am a total newbie at all this blogin', but great to see a fellow 'guy' collector lol!