Thursday, 5 August 2010

Can anyone help me with this Steiff Lion?

Look at this lion, do you know why he was made? He is from the 1950s, he seems to have the same body as the Meckies and Dwarves from this period. He is the most beautiful character. He is holding a piece of paper which has pencil writing on it, this hard to read, but says something like 'Eine kinde..... wi..sor'?

If you can help, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks Daniel

I have added a photo of the piece of paper... can anyone read it and does it give you a clue to what he is?


  1. Hi Daniel,
    it is hard to read what's on the paper. But it doesn't seem like "Eine kinde" (and what Rebekah writes would be correctly "Ein Kind" = a child). it looks more like " bin kurz... U.S.A." Could you email me a better picture of the writing? I myself am German so we might be able to figure something out. It is the old writing style but usually i am still able to read that.
    Best regards, Bear Attack

  2. Hello Daniel,

    on the paper from the lion it says:

    A customer from M.S.A wishes...

    in german it is:

    Ein Kunde aus M.S.A wünscht...

    Best bear wishes...thats how I would read it!
    Beate :-)

  3. Hello Daniel,

    Beate is absolutely right with one little exception: the capital letters read "U.S.A" (not M.S.A.) - so maybe where the dots mark a gap someone was supposed to fill in a number (how many of this type does the customer want). Another possibility: the lion was produced as a gift for a special occasion and supposed to hold a kind of letter / message that was yet to be printed, so the pencil writing would just be a draft or reminder.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Daniel,
    ah now it is better to read. It says:
    Ein Kunde aus U.S.A. wünscht ...
    which translates to:
    A USA customer wants ...
    or: a customer from USA wants (wishes)...
    Best regards, Bear Attack