Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rare Sonnenberg composition Butcher's Shop, mid 19th century

The bottom image shows the complete shop. There is a small handle that you turn and the butcher chops at his block and the customer turns backwards and forwards. Look at the detail of the inside of the hung meat, you can see internal organs and ribcages!

It dates from the second quarter to the mid 19th century, this type of toy is very desirable. Made from a mixture of wood, wire and composition (a sort of plaster, glue and paper pulp), this type of toy were made by a number of makers from the Sonnenberg district of Germany.

There is an amazing museum in Soltau Germany called the Nordeutsches Spielzeugmuseum, the website is

They have an amazing collection of this type of toy, also some amazing dolls, toys and teddy bears. Very much worth a visit.

Does this appeal to you? Have you seen this type of toy before? Let me know.



  1. I love German toys. This butcher shop sounds very clever. The meat cuts are very realistic.

    Right now I love doll furniture from the DDR era.

  2. HI Daniel...I love old butcher shops. I have an old Gottschalk shop with many cuts of meat that are very very realistic...almost too much so, if you know what I mean. I suppose they were preparing the young ladies to shop, etc. Thanks for sharing! You're welcome to stop by my Grandma's Attic-Toys and Treasures anytime. I enjoy these wonderful little toys! Thank you for sharing. Louise Pipher